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H/T to George Gingo and James Orth.. two of Florida’s BEST real estate/foreclosure attorneys… hands down!

Well here it is. I finally get my day in court. Been fighting a TBTF recipient of public largess for years. They have no admissible evidence or lawful chain of title or chain of custody of the note and mortgage but yet still moonwalk away from trial with a judgment for foreclosure in their favor.


Don’t worry, there will be an appeal filed soon. Will keep you all posted on that!

Obviously, the good Judge did assist them many times and allowed them leniency on several key issues. One being an amendment of their pleadings, two being that their pleadings did not support their evidence, three being that there was no lawful knowledge of anything at all from the Plaintiff’s witness other than she viewed a couple of computer screens and most importantly, they didn’t have to prove that they obtained a lawful interest in the note and mortgage from a bona-fide title holder and oh yeah, almost forgot.. they told me I had to stop making payments in order to get help. After they instructed me to stop paying them in order to receive assistance, several months later they ceased communicating with me all together.

I was told that they needed written “authorization” from my prior spouse in order to speak with me. Something they had been in receipt of or else I would not have had evidence (emails from the “executive” resolution department) that they once were communicating with me. The whole thing was rigged to fail. The Plaintiff likely made an @ss-load of money as they were leveraged 90 x 1 on derivatives to assets ratio’s (see here for more info) and I am quite sure that my home is worth at least 90 times more to them as it is to me.

Minutes before the trial began Plaintiff’s counsel made an offer to sell the property at market value and avoid the trial. I got pissed, told them that is what I was trying to accomplish 5 years ago when my neighbor’s home sold for 50k less than mine.

So you see, the TBTF recipients of public largess would rather throw someone out on the street and sell the home on the courthouse steps for pennies on the dollar in order to cash in their side bets RATHER than accept a healthy cash offer when it was presented to them many years prior when their NET at closing would have been substantially higher.

Will anyone at Chase or JPM ever step up to the plate and tell us why they are destroying our communities and families by lying, cheating and stealing people’s homes… even when they have money and resources and are ready to pay and settle up on their obligations?