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I am running to restore the transparency and reliability of our centuries old and highly precious land title records which have become infected and thus clouded by an unauthorized, bank-owned, alternative title registry, MERS.

Every time a mortgage assignment is entered into the MERS system without payment to the local county recorder for the recordation of same, the county loses revenue and the ability to accurately track the information. To land title records, the impact is definite and negative. Faulty information, fraud and gaps in the records have occurred as a direct result.

Even worse, it puts every property owner in the position of having their property seized without any due process whatsoever.

The incumbent has allowed for fraudulent actors, and their supporters, to access the land recording system by permitting robo-signed mortgage assignments to permeate land title records, jeopardized the sanctity of the mortgage foreclosure process and inserted uncertainty into the mortgage finance process.

The integrity of land title records and the consuming public now hang in the balance and nothing is being done.



A few weeks ago, I published a lengthy piece on the recent court case giving California homeowners some hope. http://www.msfraud.org/Glaski-Gives-Foreclosure-Litigants-Hope_1-14.html

My phone has not stopped ringing, and the documents that I have reviewed so far reveal that the same old fraudclosures are continuing to be perpetrated by Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, and the rest of the gang.

They are still relying on void assignments to do it. The majority of people who contacted me so far were in some version of the mod runaround.


Most of these victims have sent letters and documents to all of the agencies who should be pursuing the fraud and they never hear anything back.
Where is our monitor, Katherine Porter? Where is our attorney general, Kamala Harris? Where is Eric Holder? Despite the fact that everyone knows, despite the fact that they signed consent decrees promising not to steal homes, they go right on doing it.

I’m sick of writing about it. No more polite talking with judges. I want to up my game and put more heat on the bankstas. If they cannot record obviously void documents, they cannot foreclose. So, I’ve decided that I am going to run for the office of the Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk, and put an end to this.

The incumbent offers this standard response to any suggestion that he should stop recording forged documents:

“The County Recorder does not make a determination as to the legal sufficiency of recorded documents. Recording is a process for providing constructive notice. The duty of this office is to create and maintain records of documents that are required or permitted by law to be recorded in accordance with California Government Code Section 27201 et seq.

My response is that the County Recorder has a duty to uphold the validity and the reliability of our land records and it is not permissible to file forged and fabricated documents.
470. (a) Every person who, with the intent to defraud, knowing that he or she has no authority to do so, signs the name of another person or of a fictitious person to any of the items listed in subdivision (d) is guilty of forgery.

In San Francisco, the County Recorder, Phil Ting, did an audit on foreclosure recordings and found that 85% contained fraudulent documents. Why would San Diego be any different? Given that finding, I believe he is derelict in his duties not to conduct the audit.

Fortune examined the foreclosures filed in two New York counties (Westchester and the Bronx) between 2006 and 2010. There were 130 cases where the Bank of New York was foreclosing on behalf of a Countrywide mortgage-backed security. In 104 of those cases, the loan was originally made by Countrywide; the other 26 were made by other banks and sold to Countrywide for securitization.

None of the 104 Countrywide loans were endorsed by Countrywide – they included only the original borrower’s signature. Two-thirds of the loans made by other banks also lacked bank endorsements. The other third were endorsed either directly on the note or on an allonge, or a rider, accompanying the note.

The lack of Countrywide endorsements, combined with the bank’s representation to the court that these documents are accurate copies of the original notes, calls into question the securitization of these loans, as well as Bank of New York’s right, as trustee, to foreclose on them.

These are not paperwork errors; they are evidence of a crime in progress and they are themselves criminal acts prohibited by law.

Across the country, other County Recorders have stood up to the bankstas and put a stop to filing forgeries. John O’Brien, Jeff Thigpen, and Curtis Hertel stopped accepting forged documents on behalf of the residents of their respective counties. It can be done.

San Diego County is no different. The same banks, mortgage servicers, and foreclosure mills operate here and are doing the exact same things even to this day despite numerous settlements and consent decrees. The County Recorder’s office is a crime scene, and it is a crime in progress that must be stopped.

If you are sick of politicos and bureaucrats who won’t do their jobs for the people they serve than I offer a rare alternative.

-George W. Mantor

Candidate for San Diego Co. Assessor-Recorder-Co. Clerk



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