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Reality NOT on TV – Banks Make Money on Foreclosures

by Mario Kenny

DETROIT, MI – Wouldn’t it be fun to take the CEO’s of Chase, Bank
of America, Citibank and Wells Fargo, hold them somewhere with just the
bare living essentials and force them to negotiate loan modifications
and short sales with their own customer service departments to earn
their freedom? Imagine their frustration as they have to wait on hold forever,
speak with poorly trained, clueless staff who can’t find the documents
they’ve faxed or emailed for the umpteenth time and have to keep
starting over.

It’d make a great movie! We could call it, “Groundhog Accountability Day for Bank Executives”.

“Sigh”. Unfortunately, that’s a fantasy and reality is what we have to deal with. Why are the big banks so difficult to deal with? Why don’t they seem
to understand that they lose more money when they…

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